Setting Up Your Navigation Menu In WordPress

Your site’s navigation menu is pretty much a road map that helps visitors “navigate” your content…

That being said…  It is also vitally important to the success of your new visitor’s experience.

Simple text or flashy buttons in the navigation menu

Even though the flashy buttons may look cool to you and I, they may be annoying to someone else…

Plus the fact that the search engines may not like them either so the overall site rankings may be lowered as a result.

For these reasons I will be using text navigation on this site.

If you take a quick look at my navigation menu you’ll see that my goal is to keep it simple yet informative.

Main Navigation Menu

Another good thing to remember is to keep things consistent through out the site.

If you plan on using text navigation in your footer or side bar you should probably do the same at the top…  Agreed?

That brings me to another type of navigation that comes in very useful.

Leaving breadcrumbs to navigate other content

Breadcrumbs come in handy when someone lands on your page at random and likes what they see.

If they want to read more of your content on the same subject all they have to do is click the breadcrumb navigation to go back a step…

Breadcrumbs Navigation Menu

It basically shows them the path back to your home page from the page they are currently on.  …very useful.

I find myself using breadcrumbs more than the actual navigation menu on sites that have their content organized correctly.

Just something to think about.

Watch the video above I will show you how easy it is to set up your main navigation menu in WordPress.

I hope this helps you out in one way or another and if you have any questions leave them below in the comments section.


To your success,

Robert Bolgar

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Robert Bolgar

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