Revision Control Plugin Overview And Why I Use It

Revision control is a WordPress plugin that gives you an easy way to undo changes, restore posts, and revert to old drafts…

There is a little use of your post revision -20 from 6 months ago. It’s unlikely that you will ever rollback that far to restore a post.  Post revisions that old are totally useless and just taking up space in your database.

It all boils down to the speed of your site!

The only thing those piled up revisions will do over time is cause your website to load slower.

If you haven’t noticed by now, the last thing your visitors want is a page or post that takes too long to load!

There are a few different free plugins out there that will allow you to limit post revisions.  I just chose to use revision control because it’s simple to use and at the time of this writing is seems to be updated regularly…

That’s one of the downsides when it comes to using free WordPress plugins is that in the drop of a hat the developer might stop updating the plugin.

Which plugin could I use other than revision control?

All you have to do is type “post revision plugin” into google you should get list of options to choose from.  Or just go to and search for it there.

You’ll soon come to find out…

There is no shortage of free plugins for WordPress.  I’m sure some creative developer is out there is cooking up a new one right now.

At the end of the day I do know this…  If this specific plugin stops working it will take me all of 5 minutes to delete it and install a different one that accomplishes the same thing.

So whichever plugin you choose to use to get your post revisions under control is up to you.

Just make sure it has good ratings and reviews.

…and is up to date


To your success,

Robert Bolgar



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Robert Bolgar

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