How to Point Your Domain (DNS) To Your Hosting Provider

In this video tutorial I will be walking you through the process of pointing your domain name to your hosting provider using DNS…

Sounds complicated but it’s a pretty straight forward process and should be similar with any of the domain/hosting providers out there.

For this video I will be using Namecheap and D9hosting for the demonstration.

How hard is this going to be?

It’s a simple process and here is a quick checklist of the steps you will be taking:

  • Login to your hosting provider and get your DNS codes and copy them.
  • Login to where you purchased your domain and find the setting that says point/change DNS.
  • Enter the DNS codes that you copied from the first step.
  • Hit Save… and Done!

See…  Quick and easy just like is said!

I tried to make things easy to understand and I really hope you were able to follow along with the video.

I realize that just because I know what I’m talking about doesn’t necessarily mean you know what I’m talking about.

So feel free to check out my other videos and if you have any questions let me know in the comments section below.

To Your Success,



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