Export A Page Template With Thrive Content Builder (TCB)

It was brought to my attention that my Email Confirmation page was missing a few key elements so I decided to give it quick update.  Instead of creating a brand new page from scratch I decided to use the Thrive Content Builder feature that allows you to export/import landing pages.

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Export Pages Built With Thrive Content Builder

I exported an Email Confirmation page from a totally different site…  Then I imported it to this one!

Here’s how easy it is:

To export a page template that you created with thrive content builder all you have to do is go to the top right corner of your page and click on Thrive Landing Pages.

Choose “Export Landing Page” from the drop down list.

TCB -Export landing pag


When you click the link another box will pop up that gives you the option to name the template and save it to your computer.

TCB - Export Template Name


Save it somewhere you will remember and that is easily accessible because you are going to need it in a few minutes.

Import Pages Created With Thrive Content Builder

Importing your saved page template is just as easy as exporting.

The first thing you will want to do is create a New Page in your WordPress dashboard and click on the “Edit with thrive content builder” button.

Then head back on over to the top right corner of the page and click on “Thrive Landing Pages”.

Thrive content builder - import landing page

Select “Import Landing Page” from the drop down menu.

This is where you will get a popup that is warning you that the content will overwrite anything that you have on this page.  Thats fine and dandy since we just created this page there is no important content to overwrite.

TCB Overwrite warning

Click on OK.

Now you will be given the option to import a template.

thrive content builder - import landing page select files


Click on the “Select Files” button and find where you saved the template earlier.  Select the saved template and click on the “Import File” button on the lower right corner.

Now you should see the new template uploaded so hit save and you are all done.

I hope this process saves you time like it did for me in the video above.

To your success,

Robert Bolgar


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Robert Bolgar

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