Creating A Blog Post With Thrive Content Builder

When it comes to creating eye catching content for your website or blog, the thrive content builder plugin makes things so much easier…

The TCB plugin allows you to take a boring blog post and turn it into a work of art.

What does the thrive content builder plugin do?

In a nutshell… This feature packed plugin allows you to edit any page or post on your website using a true “drag and drop” editor.

If you want to put a video on the page, simply drag the video place mark where you want it a wallah…

Maybe you need to add a few columns…

All you have to do is drag them where you want them and start adding pictures, text or whatever you want.

Save yourself from the frustration headaches!

Its simply boggles my mind when I think of how long it took me in the past to create a blog post that didn’t look stale…

Now I can do it in minutes using the thrive content builder plugin!

Creating beautiful and visually impressive pages & posts in WordPress has never been easier!

This top rated plugin works based around a very simple concept  …if you want to edit something, all you have to do is click on it.

And guess what?

The video above is just a quick overview of me using it for a simple blog post… Just wait until I show you what it can do with pages!

So keep your eye out because that will be one of my upcoming videos…

Till then,

Robert Bolgar


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Robert Bolgar

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